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WordPress Blogs on Point2 Agent

The old P2 blog option to “Create a Blog Post for This Listing” is available in the WordPress blog, but instead of saving the blog post as a “draft” it now just automatically publishes the post. So you end up with an “unfinished” published post…an uncategorized post with no tags, no metatags for the search engines, and no featured image. For those of you wanting to use a “feed” source so your blog posts feed over to your social media, you’re up kaka creek without a paddle. Who wants an unfinished post going all over the internet to their social media!

The old P2 blog posts feature that you could use within a page to bring in related posts based on checking the boxes of available tags is no longer the case. With WordPress, your only option is to bring in the 5 most recent posts.

You have 8 themes to choose from in the WordPress dashboard…all of which have a menu showing in the featured thumbnail pic of that theme. Good luck with that! We can’t create any menus in the Point2 WordPress blog. So that’s not an option.

WordPress Themes on Point2 Agent

As for adding any “Pages” to the blog, don’t bother, there’s no “Pages” option at all. So the menus above are very deceiving. Can’t create a menu, and you can’t create any pages.

Normally in WordPress, in the “Settings” area, you’ll have option of both the # of posts that show up on the home page, as well as the option of showing just summaries or full posts, and usually people want the summary with a “read more” option. It’s set to I believe 10 posts, as well as full post – and there’s no access to the “Reading” setting at all.

Under “Appearance” – “Customize” – there’s an option to replace the header / logo / title & description / background color, etc. And down towards the bottom is the option to use a static page for the home page. Not so. If we can’t access Pages, that’s not functional and again deceiving.

Unfortunately, their reasoning of not having these features is due to “security purposes” or “it doesn’t work well with the Point2 platform” – these blogs are way below “minimal” – almost to the point of being non-functional as far as I’m concerned. Who wants their listing posts to automatically publish as unfinished posts? Who wants to lose the functionality of being able to bring in related posts to any Point2 page simply by choosing which tags to include?

Yet, it gets worse. I’m being told that Point2 can not guarantee the functionality of the Point2 blog if I were to go ahead and “delete” the WordPress blog so listings revert back to being saved drafts in the Point2 blog. And they will also be eventually deleting the Point2 blog platform altogether. So folks have no choice but to use the WordPress blog as their P2 blog.

I’m so disappointed. You’re better off just getting a self-hosted WordPress blog and post your own listings manually so they’re published when you’re ready for them to be published / fed.

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