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wordpressI know a lot of you already have multiple sidebars in your sites, so this is for those who have a WordPress website that are using the default or “primary” sidebar throughout their website and would like to add more sidebar options.

There’s a few plugins I’m going to talk about so you can have the info and decide which plugin is best for you.

1) Genesis Simple Sidebars – this is my preferred option when you don’t have a lot of blog posts and pages already. It offers sidebar creation and you can add widgets to the new sidebar in the appearance-widgets area…then on each page or post, you can assign which sidebar you want to appear.

2) Display Widgets plugin – this plugin lets you create a new widget and place it in the primary sidebar, then within the widget itself, you choose which pages, posts in a category, etc. that you want it in.

3) Easy Custom Sidebars – create sidebars, place widgets within the new sidebars in the appearance-widgets area just like Genesis, but here’s the difference…instead of choosing a sidebar on each page or post, this offers an area where you can assign sidebars to whatever pages or posts, or all posts within a category (appearance-theme sidebars).

All three of these plugins work differently. And I’m sure there’s other plugins out there that offer the same.

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day Weekend!