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WordPress SEO or All-In-One SEO?

For those of you that want to use WordPress SEO by Yoast, have at it. I won’t be using it anymore. There’s no rhyme or reason when giving me the “green light,” “yellow light,” or “red light.” I’m sticking to MY favorite, All-In-One SEO Pack!

In sample one, we only have an image and shortcode for listings on the page…and it gets a “yellow – ok” light…

WordPress SEO by Yoast stinks

Yet, on another page, we’ve got an image, text, listings, you name it…and we get the “Red – bad” light…makes absolutely no sense and I’m not going to install this just so my clients can be driven crazy trying to get the green light.

WordPress SEO by Yoast stinks

WordPress SEO by Yoast stinks

Don’t drive yourself crazy.

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