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WordPress Theme Headers

I normally use a particular company’s themes (studiopress), but there was a chance to try a different theme this time around for a client with beach rental properties…the client liked the way it displays their listings.

I always learn something new when having to deal with other company’s themes…and I find myself “wishing” I was back on studiopress. No lie. This particular theme makes it appear like it’s “easy” to display the featured listings, yet it’s a slider with all custom imagery. Well I got that one figured out and got in some listings for the client. Proud moment, I’ll admit! Then it came to the logo section of the theme and this is where I just can’t fathem what must go through a developer’s mind when creating a real estate theme or any theme for that matter!

The spot for their logo is 258.5 x 36.55 px – how in the world do they expect any logo to look fit and look nice in that? The client’s logo is over 900px wide to start and even if I re-size it, well, you can see already it’s miniscule and the client wants it much bigger…can’t blame her!!!! I’ve emailed the developer only to get no response.

WP Theme Header

I’m at my wit’s end with some of these themes and the developers behind them. What are they thinking when creating these miniscule areas for a logo????? Especially for real estate when a lot of brokerages require their logo be in the header (among other requirements for the logo). Oh yes, and did I mention that I actually had to create a child theme for this (first time ever) – and have been able to make quite a few changes, but logo area still messes up the entire site if I change the height or anything in that section. The screenshot below shows how that one column section in the header expands all the way down to the footer…so yes, any messing with that column is going to mess up everything all the way to the footer. Again, what are these developers thinking?

WP Theme Header

I’ve still learned a lot with this theme, but might have to tell a client that I’m at a loss with this logo section and that’s going to feel awful!!!!

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