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Working with Point2 Agent Page Name and Search Engine Options on Pages

You’ll notice below that on each page in your Point2 Agent website, you’ll see the “Page Name and Search Engine Options” – section at the very top of the page…the character limits can be deceiving because these are simply limits Point2 puts on each page, NOT what are considered “search engine friendly” – so don’t let it fool you!

Point2 Agent Page Name and Search Engine Options

The limits in order to be “search engine friendly” are as follows – this is based on 2012 research – numbers may vary slightly, but this is the guideline:

60 characters for the meta Title
150 characters for the meta Description
150-200 characters for the meta Keywords (although search engines haven’t focused on meta keywords in years)

The “Meta Robots” let you check the box if you “don’t” want the page indexed by the search engines. Keep in mind, that “hidden” pages aren’t indexed automatically. This choice “only” applies for visible pages.

The HTML <head> Tag Editor is what Point2 has started using for members to put their analytics code in.  But you can put your analytics code in the footer template or header template of the site and “not” have to put it on each page.  Less work.

Click here for more information on tweaking your metatags.

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